unemployed idiots

& Meg Poveromo


I’m Meg, the owner of Unemployed Idiots. I’m a 26-year-old filmmaker currently based in Atlanta and an award-winning producer, director, writer, editor and actress. I’ve been creating stuff for as long as I can remember, and I love what I do.

My work has been featured in online articles such as the 6th edition of BIMIFF Film Magazine and I’ve won multiple awards in film festivals internationally.
Though I’d love to brag more about myself, I’d hate to come off as a raging narcissist. So, here’s a bio about me, written by someone else:

“She writes and produces her films with a youthful vibrancy meant to attract viewers with their relatable glimpses into all of life’s nuances. Meg finds her inspiration from the world around her, and almost every character she’s written has been influenced by real life people she’s come across. With her eccentric style and quirky, yet dry sense of humor, Meg hopes her films are able to break barriers of typecasting as well as void strict genre classification guidelines. She prefers to borrow elements from many genres and blend them together for a unique perspective. Much like life as a whole, it’s impossible for human life to fit neatly into one box and it is Meg’s goal as a filmmaker to portray that fluidity as organically as possible. She’s currently produced 7 short films, 6 of them under Unemployed Idiots Film Productions.”

Go watch some of my stuff!


I founded Unemployed Idiots back in 2020 with my friends Theodore, Daijah and Angel who I met working at a movie theatre in 2018 in South Florida. We were in the process of writing our film “ROOMMATES”, when we came up with our group name because we realized we were all currently unemployed and had all been referred to as an idiot at some point in time.

ROOMMATES was our first and last short film as a full group. I continued Unemployed Idiots with Theodore and we went on to write and produce “Sour Apple Bath Bombs” (2021) and “Toxic Shock – Part 1″ (2022), which was supposed to be a series.

Sadly, Theodore passed away in early 2022, right before him and I could start planning the next episode of Toxic Shock. I decided to continue Unemployed Idiots on my own.

In March 2022, I incorporated Unemployed Idiots Film Productions LLC.

And the rest, is history ~